Le Blog Nouveau

It's been about over ten years since I had a blog. I finally decided to spin up a brand new one.

A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

My first blog was using something called PHP Nuke, a spiffy content management system which got hacked, presumably through SQL injection. It was a great lesson for me to learn very early in my career.

Aside from other blogging misadventures and some employer-mandated posts I have not written much publicly. Self-promotion is not really in my wheelhouse, but I'm ready to start again because it's an exciting time to be a software developer.

The New Shiny

What's a boy to do when having to choose a blogging platform? It can be quite a rabbit hole these days.

I have no need for a database-backed web app like WordPress. After some digging on StaticGen and a few trial runs I decided to go with Middleman. It seemed to have a straightforward feature set with enough power if I needed it. I got everything set up in a couple hours and really enjoy using it so far.

My goals for the UI were simple: mobile-first and minimalistic. I only have a few CSS media queries to achieve responsiveness, so there was no need for a heavy framework.

I'm using icon fonts and SVG for high-res displays. I'm also using some CSS3 so if you're an IE 8 user I recommend calling your America Online customer support agent and complain.

What to Expect

I'll be writing about things I learn in my travels as a software developer / engineer / architect. My current focus is on the front end but I do it all and hope to cover other topics like business, history, design, you name it.

Here's a little bit of my background if you don't know me:

My goal is to be informative, positive and to not sell you anything. Thanks for your interest.

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